Monday, September 27, 2010

just watched Funny People last night and before i watched it i actually had the thought "ah, just another one of those comedy flicks of adam sandler... i'd like to see him doing a slightly more serious movie :/" not knowing that was exactly what i was watching O__O lmao.

that's the trailer. lol i can't embed it somehow so just copy the hyperlink lmao. seth rogen is such an innocent, caring, loving, dorky friend to adam sandler in that movie and i totally want to hug seth rogen after watching that movie. plus i heard that seth rogen is doing a movie with jay chou? is that true?!!! (i just googled it, it's called the green hornet O__O and jay chou seems funny like jet li is funny in the expandables lmao)

anyways there's suddenly this wave of elmo going on. a few days back youtube was actually having an elmo day where they had official youtube interview with elmo and featured elmo videos on their homepage as well as having the elmo icon by the side of the youtube logo. just two days back i was watching E! and they were talking about the controversial incident regarding the video of elmo with katy perry and katy perry being dressed in low cut clothes? something like that, go google it lmao. so yeah there's been a real hype about elmo hasn't it and it makes me want to watch sesame street. okay bye, too much nonsense and i better do my assignment T__T

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