Tuesday, November 30, 2010

holidays are sooo pleasing *relaxed smile* haha i have managed to watch so many episodes of chuck, the big bang theory, yi hoi hou cheng and even catch up on the social network, bruce lee & tangled which i have to say have been wonderful movies, all of em.

the social network was rather entertaining throughout and it kept my attention. i wasn't all that excited or anything but i did feel interested as the movie proceeds in talking about how zuckerberg started the whole thing from just being angry at a girl, then to comparing females, then eventually facebook! however i thought mark zuckerberg's character was slightly mean. i did quite enjoy justin timberlake's appearance in the movie though. it's rather mainstream the whole movie and contains some teen crazy fun elements to it. a bit of a drama. but if it is to be considered a documentary sort of thing, it is very interesting!

similar to that is the bruce lee movie which, well, is a documentary-like thing speaking about bruce lee's family life and his life prior to his debut. i was surprised by how good it was because honestly i wasn't exactly expecting too much from it but i was blown away by the art direction and how they filmed it. i loved the settings, the design of the look of the backgrounds, amazingly done. angles, composition and all regarding how they shot it was rather good as well!! although i understand that it's a based on real life story situation, i kinda felt that the story was not superbly interesting for a movie.

FINALLY today i watched tangled *smiles like a really happy little girl*. haha i have been hearing raving good reviews about it and i was sooooo waiting to have my chance in watching it. and what's the final say? it's so disney!! but in a good way. it's so disney like it makes me melt all over the place dood. but but but it's not just like any other fairytale story movie ever made by disney! it doesn't have that overly dreamy feel but instead this had a surprisingly down to earth touch to it in my opinion. and i'm getting that from how the characters behave and was designed to be. she was a princess but not just a pretty pretty perfect perfect dainty and gentle princess. and he wasn't even a friggin prince, he was a thief and he was conceited LOL. and dood it was funnay. they were totally contemporary in terms of behavior. ah i don't want to say too much about it just in case anyone who wants to watch it is reading this. what i can say is this movie made me feel like a little girl again HAHA. and the cgi was great, the hair looks great, and at certain points where the character was not in the shot, the graphics looked so realistic! and the characters were very well done too, just that they were purposely drawn with a touch of cartoon to them so yeah, less realistic in that sense only. the hair was wonderful LOL. and it was brilliantly witty!! ahhh i don't know what else to say LOL BUT I LOVED IT and i watched it 12 hours ago and i'm still excited about it!!! i loved zachary levi and i loved him so much in this role!!! so dreamy!!! HAHA ahhhh i wanna watch it again okay bye! >__<

Monday, November 29, 2010

a few years back, i thought about the evolution of tvb dramas (lol yes, i did that) and i thought to myself, how awful have dramas these days become. because at that point of time, the dramas produced are just filled with unsubstantial yelling and the characters in them just seemed to be overly childish and the storyline seemed underdeveloped, hanging only from one arguement to another. in the midst of the story, there was way too much strain in watching it because it was just stressful quarrels with all the emotions that were just too laid out, without much depth to them. and every dramatic argument seemed rather similar to its predecessors, just with slight alterations to the scene it was in.

BUT i have recently watched one tvb drama, which i felt totally glad to watch. it has been some time since a drama series had such interesting storyline (although yes, i do feel that certain parts were kinda dull and then certain parts overly rushed :/) however that's just my opinion, maybe other people still thinks of it as crappy or whatever. well the show i'm talking about is some show called "yi hoi hou cheng a.k.a. no regrets". ah i know, tvb dramas are rather lame to even talk about but honestly i felt that this is rather well-written so let's give it some credit. i'm starting to wonder if it was derived from any novels.

and reasons that i love it: really shocked about how non-conventional a romance in this drama is, how non-conventional of characters to interact although they are in love, how that the protagonist in this show is strong and courageous, and that it isn't those sissy dramas just about their definition of romance, it is about a time that is truly testing, about overcoming who you are for the greater good, about being courageous even when everything you have that means anything at all to you is on the line, about knowing what you're doing even if the world doesn't understand and being able to find the strength to do what you need to do even when the people you love does not support you in that. so that's why it's awesome and so good to watch LOL.

i honestly have deep appreciation especially for the romance aspect of this movie about the two protagonists. because most shows would just have them come to be in love very suddenly out of finding each other to be cute in something they do then get totally drenched in emotions and then pour them out on each other heavily, ahh i don't know, lmao. but this story is so different. how they find appreciation in each other through their courage, through their dignity. but despite that, did not let themselves be drenched in emotions. the love they had, is beyond just romance because i think it has truth in it. they loved enough to be courageous and to let go when they had to, to separate when they had to, even when they knew there is the chance of never finding each other again. and they did it so many times, out of belief that this is for their good (yes they were times when it was their life on stake, and there wasn't any other way but there were also times that it wasn't, yet they still bravely let go). and when one risked their own life for the sake of the greater good, i love how the other protagonist would churn out the courage to risk their own life as well, to follow and do the same.

spoilers: and in the end, even though they had never really expressed their feelings right out, when they really did lose each other towards the end, they patiently, in hope waited, in faith. they searched for decades, and decades but never lost hope, never gave up. and so very sweet is the ending when they meet again at old age. amazed by the wonderful makeup job btw, lol they look splendidly old.

ah okay i think i'll roughly stop there. there's so much more but let's just save it for you to maybe go watch it for yourself LOL. i only wished the filming was done better!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

apologies for that negativity. and all the other negativity.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂)"

lol i know, i'm like always crying when i watch shows = = but this feels really heartbreaking (in my opinion at least :S). it rates better than aftershock and watching the trailer, i am really looking forward to watch it.

its about a dying father, really wanting to help his autistic son to be able to live and take care of himself after he's gone. delights in the brilliantly brought in touches of innocence, the humbling mood, the hope in spite of desperation, the strength, the authenticity of love, the patience, the very raw emotions involved, the very existing issue of the society.

i think they're halfway taking the movie down from cinemas (always too late!!!!) and i only found like a few places showing it :/ hopefully i am able to catch this soon, with english subs. and i'm so going to have a box of kleenex with me this time!!!

and i feel that all these really well filmed chinese movies are being underrated. the category which doesn't belong in romance, comedy, adventure and horror needs more appreciation! they can be very interesting too!

Friday, November 5, 2010

and i uttered to myself very naturally, "happy deepavali"
just watching how a dad bought his adorable son some cute and colorful gummy candy with sugar sprinkles.
just watching how thoughtful a dad can be, offering to his son, then holding it back because he remembered how the pack was a struggle for his kid to open, to open it for him.
just watching how a granddad was excited along with the rest of the family to buy some new clothes for the granddaughter, even when she already chose some and they were on their way to be paid at the counter.
just watching, and be thankful.

at the end of the day, simplicity wins all. maybe what i'm saying is cliche and is really a bunch of nothingness. but i just feel so thankful for today :D

Monday, November 1, 2010

"God's ultimate goal for your life on earth is... character development."
R. Warren