Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i managed to catch the final day screening of aftershock. i had doubts whether it really was as good as i was expecting it to be but i can definitely say, it did not disappoint.

the best part i loved about this movie was the vivid and intense description of the emotions as well as how they layered everything together. the reasons for each of the characters to act a certain way due to the outcome of their past and for the decisions they've made as well as the situations faced. and before saying more about that, i must come to say,

the art direction of the overall film was really quite nice and the acting overall was pretty well done. in my opinion that is, since it made me clenched my jaw so hard forcing myself not to cry but end up sobbing hard with stuffy nose lmao. and i loved some of the camera angles as well as elements they've included in the film. like being excited over a newly bought fan, drawing on daddy's wrists images of watches. i really like how they've brought in a sense of the rural chinese culture and a sense of infancy simplicity in the beginning.

eventually the movie moves on to talk about how the earthquake had actually devastated lives, and even in this one family alone, it has caused so much impact and then later to the people surrounding them.

well not only that, i also find it incredible the way the story has explored the insecurities of people. how people silently misunderstands another and lives in pain out of their misconception. and this prolongs in the story to decades of these people's lives, assuming abandonment, hatred and unforgiveness from one another, when in reality, none of these existed. they lived in guilt, rejection and pain until finally the characters opened up to one another.

i think i might buy the dvd when they released it. seriously, an 8 bucks well spent! :D and watching movie alone is so not fun lmao! by the way, i'm not weak for crying! those guys in there as well as men with family were all crying too. just that i might have did it a bit more often lmao. but hey, i realize i can hold tears better in one eye while the other just gives in and cry all it wants ahaha.

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