Friday, December 31, 2010

the analogue is alive! and the slide films are back! and only sorta 5 pictures turned out okay out of the 36 exposures because some were torn off, most were overexposed and blur LOL! and well, they cost about 60 bucks in total. so rm10 per picture huh O__O lmao. so despite i wasn't the one who was holding the camera that day, i'm going the post the results!!

aren't they a pretty couple hehehe :D happy new year people! have a great year ahead!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

the online world is so chugged full of all kinds of stuff. yes i told myself to increase general knowledge during this break by increasing my reading frequency. so now i can tell you that china's running out of women and i think if i'm not mistaken, the statistics is 130:100, men:women. and those said to be experts claim that there will be forced marriages and trafficking to occur due to this matter. and i also found out they can now play sex game with some motion sensor technology that is released by microsoft called kinect (if i'm not mistaken, for xbox). it's really weird. lol you should try to google that if you're interested in knowing random stuff lmao. okay enough reading. anyways i entered myself in for a giveaway that offers a double-edged lightsaber. LOL how cool would it be if i won it lmao. and fyi, this lightsaber can spin 360 degrees. will so love it. LOL. okay bye.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Zhang Jing Na

One of the earliest photographers and artists that I have ever come to paid attention to. It was not long ago honestly, just merely a year plus or two ago that I have so happened to come across her work and ever since, have continued to study them in hopes that one day, perhaps I myself as an amateur photographer right now, might one day be able to create works that are somewhat close and almost as captivating as the works of hers.

What makes works of hers to be so appealing in my opinion is not merely the technical skills which this particular artist undoubtedly has. It is apparent that the lighting and composition is wonderful and utterly beautiful in her works but the key that makes them all beyond just a pretty picture and what I have been saying as 'captivating' is her remarkable ability to capture works that speak, works that are alive. So many of her photographs are able to express deep emotions through them and you feel as if the characters in them had some intense background story or strong emotions swirling in them the moment the shot was taken making these very works of hers powerfully engaging to the viewers.

The feeling brought with every shot expresses certain emotions in them and it is this emotion which makes works of hers full of impact and causes the audience to pause and ponder about the work while absorbing the whole beauty of it in. And this isn't just to be credited to the models whom I do think have excellent ability in expression but a huge part was played by Jing Na as it can be seen by how the pictures are composed, the angles, the depth of field, the lighting, the way the colors are played glues perfectly along with the emotions expressed by the character to balance everything into a perfect work. And after taking a shot at trying to be a photography visual artist myself, it has only heighten my appreciation for Jing Na's works.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

i just had nasi briyani *melts* with those cinnamon, star anise and cardamom with delicious stewed lamb juice and the lamb itself omg

the point of this post: to talk about food -- delicious, salivating food!!!!

i keep thinking about all the delicious food out of the sudden (lol yes, it's not a habitual thing, don't judge me!!!) from sweet & spicy tom yams, banana leaf rice, fragrant viet restaurant's lemongrass chicken with soupy koay teow, ninja joe's big boss with that beautifully honey glazed patty (which i have not tried but my bro just described it to me the other day!!!), bibimbaps with all that really wonderful side dishes T__T, deep friend seafood tofu with some wonderful chilli sauce, deep fried dumplings, crispy popiah, caesar salad (i miss the one i made LOLS, i like the fact that i used so much less oil than any other salad dressing recipe including original caesar salad dressings but the only thing i missed out was croutons!!), that deep fried yau char koay thing in round shape with the sticky rice in the center and then sprinkling some sesame seed on it would be excellent, caramelized apples topped with cinnamon on a freshly baked puff pastry, ahhhh and so many other foods in the world *spins around in circles*.

okay i'll be back soon because i have just recently watch 30+ trailers of upcoming movies and i want to talk about shows that i am anticipating!!!! :D goodbye!