Wednesday, September 29, 2010

having on and off splitting headaches where i'm starting to think about taking brufen. ugh must stop being reliant on taking brufen every time i'm having some sort of physical pain :/

people's been really emo lately. lots of people. unrelated people. people everywhere. and i'm one of the statistics sometimes but i have been taught lately that i really should be giving thanks for every single thing i have before i can actually move on to having greater things :D (i really like what is said. the same person who said this actually also said, "don't say you don't know, you don't know means you're lazy and you didn't go to find out," hahahaha). well we should all stay positive from now on! even if you're having a headache.

and i felt so sweet tonight :D my brother's girlfriend actually waited with my family for me to finish class and then came home with us to watch tv. and she told us how my brother's cooking attracted some people over there ahaha >__< i can't believe it but i felt totally heart-warmed. and suddenly i feel like cooking some time. i always have a wonderful time spending a gazillion hours in the kitchen (and sometimes friends or my brother will be there cooking with) and at the end of the day everybody come's together to eat the sometimes lousy sometimes whoa food that we cook and have a great time of warmth :D

okay i think i better go sleep, my cheeks are heating up and i feel like my head is really hot. i think i might be coming down with something if i don't take care of myself :/ goodnight, stay healthy, laugh more :D

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