Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i have not composed a blog post in a long time hence the following post might turn out boring and full of grammatical errors.

ahh, tonight was the season finale to parenthood (another drama series that i'm hooked on) and i was weak, i cried then laugh then cried while laughing lol... this is the life!

well it's probably not the most interesting, exciting thing you can watch on tv but it was absolutely heartwarming in my opinion (and i loved this show -- very much!!). the acting was wonderful in my opinion, especially from lauren & mae!! and i like how the show goes around showing everybody has all these imperfections and makes all these terrible mistakes that hurt each other a whole lot but the love they had for one another just made them realize that they're family, and they should really be there for each other and comfort each other instead of just piling guilt on each other about how wrong they've been. and it really made me cry when i watch how the story proceeds from how amber seriously has done it so wrong with her cousin and even ultimately causing her cousin's personality to change and making her aunt incredibly worried and could only come up to blame amber and her mom for everything and then having her cousin come to her rescue in the end and extends a hand of forgiveness T__T ahh... maybe that sounds lame and corny but ahhh i loved the show! season 2 is coming soon!!! :D okay bye!

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