Sunday, September 19, 2010

hahahaha :D lmao look at my (angry/sad?) kiddy picture LOLOLOL and my bro trying to do extreme stunt -- with my other brother's leg on his neck (he was attempting to do the 'i can put my own leg over my neck stunt act'). and finally our polaroid hehehe.

i'm going to miss my brother :/ us acting weird, us going to gym, us trying to bejeweled blitz each other to death lmao, us playing maple story side by side in person as in game, us playing dota, us forcing each other to cook maggi mee and wasting more time and energy on that than actually going to cook the friggin mee, us measuring our fats, and even with his girlfriend spamming angry stuff on his facebook for beating our bejeweled blitz scores, us three watching some chinese show which i can barely understand, us trying to cook friggin tasty pasta recipe and then eating it and insisting we beat the restaurant's standards. us being forced to overeat by mom (when in fact, we willingly do it :p). well, we'll always have facebooks to spam if necessary :D

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