Friday, February 26, 2010

i thought i was rather like afraid of dogs but apparently i'm not lol. and i find them to be sincere & wonderful. well, but i'm not exactly the kind who has pets (err... i had them... and yeah, now they're gone @_@ and no i didn't throw them out or anything...). however if you're thinking about getting cats or dogs for yourself, why not consider SPCA! haha this sounds so advertisement-ish. but lots of their dogs seem perfectly good to me unlike the possible mindsets of them being like sick or what i don't know. some of them are even really friendly (some are slightly more shy, but they're cute all the same!). they have them in all ages, puppies, err... slightly older puppies, and adult dogs (same thing goes for the kitties!)

:)) playing with them was pretty happy. but eventhough you think pets might be very very cute, you must always be aware that they are a "lifetime commitment"! don't just throw them away omg please, they have feelings too okay and feeling abandoned is just urghh. and you must take on the responsibility of caring for them all the time, not only feeding and bathing lah, but you need to take care of their social and emotional aspects as well!

and we got a little special relationship with cindy, the puppy up there^ :) (NO NOT CINDY LEE LOL -- ahaha okay lah cindy lee too *raises brow @ miss lee*) haha. such an adorable little puppy. she's rather shy too, quiet, but ADORABLE lmao. ahaha and the puppy below was like barking quite a lot -- CUTE ALSO THOUGH LOL but kinda scared of me i think. anyway it's really sad to see what happens to the dogs that gets abandoned. they have this area where all the newly arrived dogs stay, and they acted pretty differently from the rest. they seemed scared and in a way unconfident about things huhuhu.

AND haha this dog chewed lightly on my fingers (no not the i'm gonna bite your fingers off chew, it was like the dog was trying to get to know me :) and no i'm not hurt in any way) and i went like aww LOL (yes, i am so noob). anyways it was a wonderful day and funny thing was, lol tonight, one german shepard and one golden retriver appeared at my front door (i am for real!) and i was like O_O LOL what a coincidence... haha i think they ter-ran out when the thunders were going off. ahaha THEY ARE HUGE. talk about huge, we met this super big dog (shown below) at spca LOL. he was bigger!!

and and and if you really considering pets, consider them okay??!! not all of them are like those purebred or whatnot but they're actually very cute also! and although yes, it's true, they might take time to be all passionate about you or what, but man i'm sure if one day, they become that way, just because of your love, they become all happy, confident, beautiful dogs (/cats) again, it will feel so rewarding LOL. well that's to those who are absolutely sure about having a pet!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

i laughed so hard reading this that i just had to share it. lmao maybe it's not that funny to you but i don't know LOL just read it anyways,

11 Incredible & Disgusting Translation Errors on Foreign Menus

LOL you better laugh if you read this!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

lol mom gave me a toy giraffe. HAHA i'm going to post the picture soon! it's so cute :) and mom's so cute :)) every year (almost) they get me some toy ahaha~


somehow i just like this picture and i don't know why :S haha happy chinese new year again, i should go do some assignments now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just lifting your fingers as if a call for help, sometimes, when in the midst of everything and yet seemingly nothing at all, and you try to feel what’s left, sometimes just pain possibly so real, its physical. Tried to be alright without help, and walk like its okay, knowing possibly, things could just be in your mind and they’re unreal yet they don’t seem convincing when all that’s familiar is the piercing rejection deriving from a direction you’d never expect. Possibly, things had just been a mistake in the midst of a state when you’ve been over occupied. Yet as days go by, taunting thoughts and questions whether anyone out there believes in you just causes plain shivers. And it’s even more dreadful facing a you, ambiguous of what’s to do right now, at times. Knowing only so little with so much unpredictable aspects around…

And today, you just wished to have an understanding, that you’re not perfect. To have an understanding that you really weren’t aware and still can’t be too sure of what you’re supposed to be aware of. To have an understanding, that from the beginning, you didn’t expected anything like this to be ever possible of happening. To have an understanding, you didn’t mean to come as a pain and will walk away to cease this. To have an understanding, that if this is still the wrong move, that you’re still just trying and figuring things out, one at a time.

And you know, that you can’t demand acceptance, you can’t control reactions, and you can’t fulfill everybody’s perfect situation.
But you just want someone to hear you out. That you’re all the same as anyone else. You’ve done wrong, but you need grace and someone who believes in the best in you all the same. And you know, even this you can’t demand but just be evermore appreciative because of this and because of this, you are reminded of how to forgive.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy happy chinese new year everyone :)

yesterday i watched this movie until 3a.m. and although no one ever says that it is about what i think it is, but i think it is about forgiveness. "the reader". and i love the acting, the details, the somewhat unusual storyline, and the vividness in expressing -- mostly, the forgiveness that i still think it is about lol. i was sad about what happened to hanna though :/

and just to talk about my cousin who is so absolutely adorable :) she stared at me almost the entire time while i was doing my assignment hahaha kids are just so sweet. they came and hugged me some more lalala.

"don't spend all your time saving up your shutter count and waste away all the priceless moments."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

red seems overrated, blue seems dull, pink seems cliche, yellow hurts my eye, grey is grey, black is emo, green makes me think fish, orange is so me-overused, purple is so good but somehow it doesn't look good... everything is unimportant if you can't even value the most important relationships in your life and treat them right. and i mean family. i mean friends. just stop getting crowded with all the things and start with where you are. if it is not going to be constructive, just don't.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

weather very hot. pimples alot. pimple scars, alot. alena chendler's photos are so hot.

= =
(^ to myself)

lol feels like whining a bit because i've sat in front of my comp for so long and i'm far from done (and you went to surf so much web content haven't you?!), i feel like my assignments are a growing pile about to swallow me up. nicee. no, you won't take me down man! okay bye.

one black helvertica moleskine, please!
and i think you'll like