Sunday, January 24, 2010

i just want to remind you, miss thoo, of many things i think that you might have already forgotten.

ask yourself, what was your ultimate aim. what was it that you always hoped to do and bring? who do you know (and i know you know, don't be deceived and say that you don't) that you are?

are you about to let yourself break and lose it and just let yourself continue in being this way, let yourself go to waste? are you about to let lies that you don't even know if are facts to kill you slowly? are you going to let the world's view of you form you?

you have done wrongs, you had, you still did. but remember everyone does and despite the perfectionist personality of yours that always seeks the ideal, remember that everything, everyone at some point falls short. forgive the situations, forgive the people, and forgive yourself even if all around you can't see quite the same. be strong, move on.

remember that not everything can go your way, but remember that it is as it is said, that all things will work out for good. even when it goes beyond your mental ability to fathom.

remember that it's never too late to be different, to change and to pick yourself up from where you have fell.

remember that, you can't alter the perception of others of yourself, but at the end of the day, you have to determine who you are.

remember that loving yourself, will ultimately give you the ability to truly love others -- beyond just words and emotions.

remember that even when you think you're all alone, hated by the whole world, rejected to the ultimate core, and every part of you is sick and wrong, these are just lies -- hindering. we are wonderfully made, never left alone nor forsaken, loved with an unconditional love, and forgiven of everything.

remember even when you're hurt, do not inflict hurt, and do not give up on love. remember not to form the same perceptions formed on you, that has caused you pressure and pain, but with utmost strength, stop your mind of it and keep it in love. think of whatever that is true, pure, lovely, noble, excellent and praiseworthy.

remember that you can always still smile like you did and emanate that from the bottom of your heart. remember that, truly, even when others view of it as hypocritical -- whatever you might do, as long as you know the truth of it, sometimes, all that's out there just doesn't matter.