Friday, March 19, 2010

so i finally put away my stubbornness and went to see the doctor... and he said "stress ulcers all over your mouth" and "allergic reaction"! lol two at once AH. so i got a butt jab. i'm like you can say 20 and i'm getting a butt jab *hides in one corner emo*. oh well. i really really got to stress less and worry less about everything and be happy no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. lol because no.1 stress reliever is of course feeling happy lah and no.1 stress cause is worry and emo! well, that's my theory at least. no one ever diagnosed me as stress before until today and i believe i had worked harder than this so work shouldn't be the cause. so yup, i just need to be HAPPY. that is the same thing goes with you who are reading this crap of mine. well, sometimes just got to maintain a mind that is willing to let go of things, forgive things, accept things, and be thankful for everything :) drink more water, eat some vitamins, sleep well, exercise, don't ever touch alcohol again, and all is well! think positive much! and and and smile more lah :) you happy, people happy, then you also happy lor and others whom you can't control, worry also won't help!

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