Tuesday, March 9, 2010

aiyo miss lee left me halfway hanging after telling me a really distracting issue, she just left me on msn without a reply and the best thing she can do is facebook what i said when i'm still gelisah about what she told me. how nais. this is my public announcement to you and your cousin for what you did! LOL aish. i just hope would be more responsible in considering fully by researching fully before proceeding. other than that, all the best.

and tell me it's not just advertising gimmicks all these promotion of toa as being "leading" and "top" because it is very brave of them to claim so if it's a claim without basis. i don't see other art colleges in rather nearby surroundings claiming quite the same (yes, i've tried researching and the only prominent one who claims so is toa, but of course i only did the surrounding regions' ones lol, nothing too far away :p).

well well, yes, i know everything's going to happen for good and when things are supposed to happen they will, i just hope that it all results for good and i'm not only meaning emotionally good. so no need gelisah lah lmao. i shall sleep nao.

ps. since i can't do anything i should try and pray that to be guided to wherever that's best *lempang self with a slipper so that can k.o. now*

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