Friday, March 12, 2010

lol it's exploration week which means HOLIDAY. i have bloody a ton of assignments and supposedly some interesting things going BUT i spent the past 50 hours ON SLEEPING. every time i'm awake for barely 15 minutes, i feel extremely exhausted and just fell asleep on the floor like nobody's business. aiyo my holiday wasted. and everything tastes awful including my much beloved chocolate milk and strawberry yogurt because whatever i eat hurts my mouth like i'm eating rocks lol (imagine drinking milk and eating yogurt, and it still hurts like !@#$). and i even puked everything i ate in the past 6 hours in under 10 minutes. i felt like a hose = =. well at least i feel better now :) i ate like half a box of vidaylin mini bears (no, not HALF A BOTTLE. it's half a box lol. and yes in the past 50 hours as well, i puked some out but most remained.) HAH and yeah make my day by telling me you don't care but i just want to type out this rather remarkable experience. and i so do not want to see the doctor and eat medicine anymore ever in my life or at least for this year because i think last year was an overdosed period. okay bye.

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