Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂)"

lol i know, i'm like always crying when i watch shows = = but this feels really heartbreaking (in my opinion at least :S). it rates better than aftershock and watching the trailer, i am really looking forward to watch it.

its about a dying father, really wanting to help his autistic son to be able to live and take care of himself after he's gone. delights in the brilliantly brought in touches of innocence, the humbling mood, the hope in spite of desperation, the strength, the authenticity of love, the patience, the very raw emotions involved, the very existing issue of the society.

i think they're halfway taking the movie down from cinemas (always too late!!!!) and i only found like a few places showing it :/ hopefully i am able to catch this soon, with english subs. and i'm so going to have a box of kleenex with me this time!!!

and i feel that all these really well filmed chinese movies are being underrated. the category which doesn't belong in romance, comedy, adventure and horror needs more appreciation! they can be very interesting too!

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