Monday, November 29, 2010

a few years back, i thought about the evolution of tvb dramas (lol yes, i did that) and i thought to myself, how awful have dramas these days become. because at that point of time, the dramas produced are just filled with unsubstantial yelling and the characters in them just seemed to be overly childish and the storyline seemed underdeveloped, hanging only from one arguement to another. in the midst of the story, there was way too much strain in watching it because it was just stressful quarrels with all the emotions that were just too laid out, without much depth to them. and every dramatic argument seemed rather similar to its predecessors, just with slight alterations to the scene it was in.

BUT i have recently watched one tvb drama, which i felt totally glad to watch. it has been some time since a drama series had such interesting storyline (although yes, i do feel that certain parts were kinda dull and then certain parts overly rushed :/) however that's just my opinion, maybe other people still thinks of it as crappy or whatever. well the show i'm talking about is some show called "yi hoi hou cheng a.k.a. no regrets". ah i know, tvb dramas are rather lame to even talk about but honestly i felt that this is rather well-written so let's give it some credit. i'm starting to wonder if it was derived from any novels.

and reasons that i love it: really shocked about how non-conventional a romance in this drama is, how non-conventional of characters to interact although they are in love, how that the protagonist in this show is strong and courageous, and that it isn't those sissy dramas just about their definition of romance, it is about a time that is truly testing, about overcoming who you are for the greater good, about being courageous even when everything you have that means anything at all to you is on the line, about knowing what you're doing even if the world doesn't understand and being able to find the strength to do what you need to do even when the people you love does not support you in that. so that's why it's awesome and so good to watch LOL.

i honestly have deep appreciation especially for the romance aspect of this movie about the two protagonists. because most shows would just have them come to be in love very suddenly out of finding each other to be cute in something they do then get totally drenched in emotions and then pour them out on each other heavily, ahh i don't know, lmao. but this story is so different. how they find appreciation in each other through their courage, through their dignity. but despite that, did not let themselves be drenched in emotions. the love they had, is beyond just romance because i think it has truth in it. they loved enough to be courageous and to let go when they had to, to separate when they had to, even when they knew there is the chance of never finding each other again. and they did it so many times, out of belief that this is for their good (yes they were times when it was their life on stake, and there wasn't any other way but there were also times that it wasn't, yet they still bravely let go). and when one risked their own life for the sake of the greater good, i love how the other protagonist would churn out the courage to risk their own life as well, to follow and do the same.

spoilers: and in the end, even though they had never really expressed their feelings right out, when they really did lose each other towards the end, they patiently, in hope waited, in faith. they searched for decades, and decades but never lost hope, never gave up. and so very sweet is the ending when they meet again at old age. amazed by the wonderful makeup job btw, lol they look splendidly old.

ah okay i think i'll roughly stop there. there's so much more but let's just save it for you to maybe go watch it for yourself LOL. i only wished the filming was done better!!

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