Sunday, May 23, 2010

recently found tons of wonderful songs on youtube!! you must listen because they sound loveelyy

an old band but they're just lovely :) hits like "penny & me" and "lost without each other" used to be my favourite and recently i discovered so many of their other songs which sounds so good too!

a wow live performance!! *thumbs up* couldn't find their studio version yet though lol!

love their live version of this cover :)

country music is the new it LOL. this version with more piano in it is just whoaa~

:) still loving it
i love songs with wonderful instruments, don't you??

and me pinhole camera berjaya take 10-15 pics only with a 36 exposures film roll O__O. lol time to slap meself. i bought a new roll though, hopefully there will be success!!

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