Saturday, May 8, 2010

okay, so i spent my first week (with lots of very late nights) of holidays on rewatching chuck season 1 and watch chuck season 2 for the first time. and yes, i remember when i was 16 and watching it every other week would just drive me nuts having to wait for the next episode to come on the next week. LOL so yes, and i am very much satisfied that i'm done with two seasons in a matter of a few days (oh i am so waiting for the 3rd season from my classmate!!!).

so that roughly explains my overexcitement for that show. and actually, the point of this post is i love zachary levi (sonia reminded me how i loved him through a video she posted which is coming up after a bit more on zachary levi LOL). remember when he was on less than perfect (without the curls!!!)? ahaha i can't believe i watched him since then but of course i never really liked him quite as much until the release of Chuck (he was rather a mean character on less than perfect lol). and if you haven't watched Chuck before, you really should!!

ahaha okay lah some might think it's cliche, silly and not very interesting as the storyline is repetitous in certain aspects (like the relationship between chuck and sarah, how he always continually doubts her and so on lol) and plus it seems to be one of those family-orientated (to a certain level) shows whereby they indirectly has a lesson behind it to learn AND it's like beauty and the geek happening all over again. BUT other than the first mentioned reason, i love it for all the other reasons :) the show is just oh so adorable.

AND OMG THAT IS ZACHARY LEVI WITH KATHERINE MCPHEE CAN YOU BELIEVE IT *crazy fan girl mode on*?!!!! HAHAHA and omg he actually sounds rather good (his voice reminds me of michael buble but maybe that's just me O__O)!!! okay crazy fan girl mode off now LOL. final conclusion: zachary levi = *thumbs up*!!! yayy and doesn't katherine mcphee look different from her ai days?? the color of her hair makes such a huge difference!!!

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