Monday, April 26, 2010

so... i am lol... free from assignments! so this is what i found and i love love love it so very so very mucho!

OHH VANS! LOL. yes after rachel talking about it and seeing all the hype over it and even reading it on wheel love (yes, raz's fave hangout)'s blog, i decided to visit the official website and i went NUTS LOL. i'm so gonna go try one of these babes out and if they fit nice on my funny feet, nais!

AND creds to rach again, i found these!!

awesomeee archie grand notebook!!! although i'm still think about the helvetica moleskin i posted about awhile ago LOL. never spending more than 30 bucks on a notebook in my lifetime i hope lol. this is from ilovesnackfood btw!

and so are these ching ching chang chang tang dynasty notebooks *faints*! and the reminded me of my previously wanted hard cover floral wallets/purses sold at forever21. *faints again* i am for prints!

another thing i found from ilovesnackfood was watches from AND THEY AIN'T NORMAL AT ALL BABE! NOT AT ALL! LOL

say it, i know you love em too LOL. you need to see it from the if this image doesn't convince you! and yes i'm so addicted to ilovesnackfood, even they come to my tagboard, HELLO ILOVESNACKFOOD, I LOVE YOUUU LOLL!! oh boy, lol.

visit mer? and Three Blind Mice Designs for more stuff!! i love their stuff but not sure which to put here so just go look if you like and they so awesome man!

okay i'll go find more stuff now! LOL

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