Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOL i know this looks like a pile of stuff (because i ate part of it and didn't take a proper picture of it looool), but it is the most thoughtful pile of stuff!!! :))) thank you rachie! thank you calvin! ^__^ this made my dayy!!!

ah i am so full right now after having daorae with rachie & calvin, man, so full but so satisfying!! had a lovely and pleasant time with both of you and aduh really gam dong that you guys remembered O_O lol when i myself didn't even remembered omgzz. i know when it is but i just totally lost track of time and when i think of time, i just didn't relate it. but they sure did :) and we shall have steamboat or something again next week okay!! so touched so touched and i loved the cake! tastes awesome ;) thank you both so much!!

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