Sunday, December 19, 2010

the online world is so chugged full of all kinds of stuff. yes i told myself to increase general knowledge during this break by increasing my reading frequency. so now i can tell you that china's running out of women and i think if i'm not mistaken, the statistics is 130:100, men:women. and those said to be experts claim that there will be forced marriages and trafficking to occur due to this matter. and i also found out they can now play sex game with some motion sensor technology that is released by microsoft called kinect (if i'm not mistaken, for xbox). it's really weird. lol you should try to google that if you're interested in knowing random stuff lmao. okay enough reading. anyways i entered myself in for a giveaway that offers a double-edged lightsaber. LOL how cool would it be if i won it lmao. and fyi, this lightsaber can spin 360 degrees. will so love it. LOL. okay bye.

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