Monday, June 14, 2010

there's so much good around us, don't be blinded to only see what is bad.

there are so many wonderful people out there :)
i feel great knowing that there are hearts that are warm. hearts that long for the truth, live for the truth. hearts that care, hearts that are sincere. people who love people, have a passion for people.

i enjoyed the night with people whom i have never met, do not know their name/can't remember their names (ugh i'm so sorry T__T i feel bad for not remembering your names!!!), don't have a clue of where they came from although i know the country's name but not sure of the background at all >_< . i just feel a sense of love around these people whom i barely know. when a 69 year old woman of a different nationality and i am meeting for the first time (if i'm not mistaken) holds my hand, i feel wonderful :))

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